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Founded in 1900 by John George, the Canonsburg China Company became the Canonsburg Pottery Company in 1909. It was located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. The company is no longer in existence.

Data from:

  • 1900 Organization of the Canonsburg China Company proceeded, headed by W. S. George, at the time he was operating his East Palestine Pottery
  • 1901 Production began
  • 1909 The assets were purchased by a new corporation called the Canonsburg Pottery Company. John George, brother of W. S. George, was elected president.
  • John George served until his death in 1920 and was suceeeded by his son, Willard C. George.
  • 1938 Willard's son John George took charge.
  • 1975 The plant was severely damaged by a fire, stopping production.
  • 1976 The pottery was sold to Angelo Falconi.
  • 1978 Assets were sold in a bankruptcy sale.

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