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Bridgwood Rockrose Cistus set side
Bridgwood Rockrose Cistus set top

Bridgwood was one of the six English potteries in the consortium that built an old-fashioned bottle kiln at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924 - 1925 and co-licensed the cartomancy design of the Cup of Knowledge.

This cup features the design of a Cistus or Rock Rose in addition to the 52 playing cards in its interior. You can tell it is a Bridgwood by its slightly "squished" looking handle, a characteristic shape of that manufacturer.

For reasons unknown to me, Bridgwood Cup of Knowledge sets are less common than those by the five other potteries. They can be found in two shapes — this regular-size tea set and a smaller one with a small handle. I have yet to find one of the larger size bearing a Wembley souvenir topmark, so although it was made there, it cannot be listed as a specially-marked commemorative.

Another oddity of these larger Bridgwood cups from Wembley is that although the small ones have the usual Bridgwood anchor emblem on the backstamp, the large ones are only marked with the words "Made in England" on the back, along with the design patent registration for the Cup of Knowledge


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