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Zanzigs Cup of Destiny, 1926, top view of cup with signs of the Zodiac, the planets so far discovered, according to their rulership of the signs (Pluto was not discovered until 1930), and numerological markings for the twelve houses of a zodiacal chart.
Zanzigs Cup of Destiny saucer; marked as a commemorative souvenir for the Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial of 1926, with Zodiac signs, dates, and a keyword for each sign
Zancigs Cup of Destiny instruction booklet fragments
Zancigs Cup of Destiny additional instruction booklet fragments

Julis and Agnes Zancig, a married pair of Danish mentalists billed as "Two Minds With But a Single Thought," were the presenters of a world famous thought reading act that many believed was genuine but in fact relied upon an ingenious and highly elaborate code. Their first big break was at Hammerstein's Roof Garden in New York City. Following their first appearance in London at the Alhambra Theatre, Rotary Photos published a series of photo postcards featuring them two of which are seen here. They had a long-standing run at Coney Island, toured the world, and even allowed the pblication f an almost uselessly small portion of their code, to further confuse their fans.


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