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Ohio State Tea Room Gallery, in alphabetical order by name of city or town.


Wistaria Tea Garden and Grey Room at Burt's, Youngstown, Ohio, 1907, postcard front. The doorway to the "Grey Room" can be seen at the far rear of this view of the Wistaria Garden Tea Room. The trompe l'oeil ceiling painting of sunset glow and twinkling evening stars is a perfect compliment to the faux pergola pillars and their silk flower Wistarias.
Under the Arbor at Burt's, Youngstown, Ohio, 1907, postcard front. If we count the Wistaria Garden Room, above; the Grey Room, whose entrance is seen above;, and the Arbor Room, we begin to get a sense of the decorative delights that awaited a visitor to Burt's Quality Shop in Youngstown, Ohio in 1907.

catherine yronwode
curator, historian, and docent
The Mystic Tea Room

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