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Killstar Cosmic cup and saucer set, side view.
Killstar Cosmic cup and saucer set, top view.

The Killstar Cosmic cup and saucer set dates from the late 2010s and was made in China for the Scottish Goth apparel and lifestyle marketing company Killstar.

Like all Killstar goods, it features bold black-and-white graphics borrowed from European and American occult traditions, with wording in English. In the case of the Cosmic set, we have a waxing Crescent Moon, the symbols for the planets and the signs of the zodiac within the cup; while the saucer bears images of the Sun, the phases of the Moon, the names of seasonal holidays associated with Neo-Pagan religions such as Wicca, and a scattering of constellations. These timing marks in the saucer are extraordinary. The use of specific dates and seasonal divisions hearken all the way back to the 1898 Fortuna Fortune Telling Tea Cup by John W. Hanley and the Zancigs Cup of Destiny by Zancig's Zodiac Shop in 1926. As for the phases of the Moon, this is the only cup i have ever seen that includes this vital timing element.

Note that the symbols for the signs of the zodiac are upside down. This, and the random way in which the lettering and symbols are displayed, mark this set as the product of designers who are not particularly familiar with historical English or American astrology cups and saucers.The zodiacal signs can be read upside down, of course, but this is the only astrological cup and saucer set in my collection that is marked thus.


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