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Idaho State Tea Room Gallery, in alphabetical order by name of city or town.


Tea Cup Cafe and Bakery, 200 Main St, Challis, Idaho, interior, online photo, circa 2016. While not a "tea room" per se, i chose this image to represent the state of Idaho for three reasons: (1) My years of searching have turned up no vintage postcards of Idaho tea rooms at all, and i think that the national tea room movement may have passed this state by. (2) This is one of the few establishments in Idaho that serves tea and pastries. (3) This is one of the few contemporary small eating places in the Desert West that does not feature a trash can or waste receptacle in the room view, right with the dining tables. (I am so disgusted by modern so-called "tea room" photos that showcase bright blue plastic or even matte-finish black metal trash collection stations in the dining room! What is wrong with those people?) Anyway, this is the best tea room i could find in Idaho, and it looks sweet, traditional, and charming, so i shall honour it here.

catherine yronwode
curator, historian, and docent
The Mystic Tea Room

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