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Saucer detail, Ardalt-Lenwile Zodiac high-footed cup and saucer, made in Japan

Self-Reading cups and saucers contain text that helps the diviner interpret the signs seen in them without having to refer to an instruction sheet or booklet.

These cups and saucers are similar to, and perhaps sprang from familiarity with, self-reading playing cards and tarot cards, in which the meaning assigned to the card it printed along one, two, or four edges. However, unlike self-interpreting cards, which are self-referential (Image of the Queen of Hearts]: "A loving woman"), they refer one system of divination -- tea leaves -- to another, such as astrology or cartomancy. In other words, they are predicated on the idea that the cup reader already knows tea leaf omens, but needs a little help reading the "extra" symbolism of the stars or the cards.

The text may be zodiacal and astrological or it may be cartomantic. Often the instructive text appears on the saucer only, but in some cases it is also found on the outside of the cup

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