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The R+W Rogue and Wolf logo; variations of this logo appear on a number of products, including at the bottom center of the Midnight Mug Midnight Mug
"Rogue + Wolf - The New Dark" logo; variations of this logo appear in advertisements and on product packaging

Rogue and Wolf, stylized on advertising and labels as Rogue + Wolf or R+W, is a British Goth and Witchcraft oriented clothing and lifestyle manufacturer. Headquartered at The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD1 1RL, UK, it is operated solely online and through wholesalers. The company has been online since 2012 and on social media since 2013. The company was formally incorporated on June 21st, 2016' and the directors were named as Michael Tsoris and Eirini Stigka.

The company billed itself as an "Ethical Vegan Indie Brand," used the tagline "The New Dark," and referred to customers as "coven members." It offered an extensive line of goods available only in black with reversed-out white designs and lettering. Clothing was marked with labels that read "Straight from Satan's closet." Watches, jewelry, and other lifestyle products were also part of the product mix.

The following information comes from the company's web site:

Rogue + Wolf is not just a brand - it's an exclusive community for those with twisted hearts that are not afraid to stare into the night. From the first pencil drawing to the last stage of manufacturing they design everything in house with their small and dedicated team of 7. They make each design in small batches with intense attention to detail and quality at each stage of the manufacturing. Everyone working with them will get a fair pay, and they don't do unpaid internships. They also don't exploit animals or use any industry, material or method that abuses or uses them in any way.

In 2020, the company released two oversized cups as part of its line of Goth drink ware -- but unlike the offerings from the similar Scottish online Goth company Killstar, these are very large mugs, without saucers, and only one of them can be used as a fortune telling cup. This is the unusual Ouija Mug, made in China, which holds more than a quart of liquid, was issued without a saucer, and features interior numerological markings and symbolic designs evocative of a spirit board.

A similarly large saucerless mug from Rogue and Wolf, called the Midnight Mug, features a simple pattern of stars and moons which does not convey any fortune telling information and so is not included at this site. Other drinkware includes tumblers and mugs of various designs.


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