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Advertisement for the Nelros Good Luck cup in two styles: tea cup (Doris shape) and demitasse (Coffee Can shape). There is also mention of a matching ash tray; the maker is stated to be Aynsley

The Nelros Good Luck cup came in at least three styles -- a scallop-edged tea cup and saucer in the older Doris shape with embossing outside the cup, a "coffee can" demitasse cup and saucer set, and a mid-century modern tea cup and saucer set. In addition, there was also an ash tray in this pattern. As with all Nelros products, the actual pottery manufacturer was Aynsley, and after Nelros ceased doing business, Aynsley continued to make the sets.

The text of one advertisement for the Good Luck pattern line read, Good Luck! The latest "Nelros" Novelty -- "Bridge" Tea and Coffee Cups, also Ash Trays. Decorated in Red, Black, and Gold. Manufactured in Aynsley's China. To be procured from all the leading China and Glass Dealers.

Good Luck sets do triple duty. They were marketed as novelty "bridge" sets for card players because they were decorated with the four aces, as a cartomancy cup and saucer set because the four aces and the letters on them can be used to supplement the usual tea leaf reading images, and as a lucky set because the letters on the card pips spell out "GOOD LUCK."


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