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The Museum of Fortune Telling Tea Cups and Saucers

The Museum of Fortune Telling Tea Cups and Saucers is building a gallery of detailed images of dozens of fortune teller's tea cups and saucers, including patent drawings for a number of divination cups, books about tasseomancy, and historical overviews of the designers and manufacturers of tea leaf readers' cups.

Until we upload all of our gallery pages, which will allow you to click on the name of any teacup maker or tea cup name to see more pictures of that cup and saucer and read about the set, you may peruse this tantalising list of Designers, Makers, Manufacturers, and Fortune Telling Tea Cup Names.


    Makers are designers and pottery manufacturing companies; the term also includes those who have filed for and were granted fortune telling tea cup design patents for which no examples have yet been found, and who may not have actually ever manufactured the patented designs.

    Markers are distributors who engage the services of Makers and place their personal or company names in the glaze of the pottery before firing or who distribute the cups with their personal or company names printed on the accompanying hang-tags, boxes, sales brochures, booklets, pamphlets, or instruction sheets.

  • Alfred Meakin
  • Anchor / Zancigs
  • Ardalt-Lenwile
  • Aynsley
  • Aynsley-Nelros
  • B. Shackman
  • Barnes and Noble / Jane Lyle
  • Booths
  • Bradley Exclusives / Originality Plus
  • Bridgwood
  • Canonsburg Pottery (W. S. George)
  • Cavitt-Shaw (W. S. George) / Creative Art Products
  • Creative Art Products / Cavitt-Shaw (W. S. George)
  • Crown Ducal
  • Fairylite Foreign
  • Florence Baxter / Petersyn
  • Fortuna / John W. Hanley / Willets Mfg. Co. [?]
  • Genevieve Wimsatt
  • H-B (Japan)
  • Heather Lee Harris
  • International Collector's Guild
  • Jackson and Gosling / Ye Olde English
  • J. and G. Meakin
  • Jane Lyle / Barnes and Noble
  • Japan
  • John W. Hanley / Fortuna / Willets Mfg. Co. [?]
  • Knobler / Salem Witchcraft Museum
  • Laurie Cabot
  • Lillian Vernon
  • Made in England / Unknown Maker
  • Marguerite Scott
  • Maude Brundage / Petersyn
  • Morley House Direct Marketing
  • Napco
  • Nelros (and Aynsley-Nelros)
  • Old Tupton Ware
  • Originality Plus / Bradley Exclusives
  • Paragon
  • Petersyn / Florence Baxter / Maude Brundage
  • Poole
  • Red Rose Tea / Taylor Smith and Taylor
  • Royal Doulton
  • Royal Kendal
  • Salem Witchcraft Museum / Knobler
  • Taylor Smith and Taylor / Red Rose Tea
  • Unknown Maker / Made in in England
  • Unmarked / Unknown Maker / British
  • Unmarked / Unknown Maker / Japanese
  • Wilkinson
  • Willets Mfg. Co. [?] / Fortuna / John W. Hanley
  • Ye Olde English / Jackson and Gosling
  • Zancigs / Anchor


    Official Tea Cup Names are those placed in the glaze the pottery before firing or printed on the accompanying hang-tags, boxes, sales brochures, booklets, pamphlets, or instruction sheets.

    Unofficial Tea Cup Names are those bestowed by collectors, usually when referring to unmarked tea cups or to a class of cups that share a similar design feature.

  • Cup of Destiny (1926) The Zancigs
  • Cup of Destiny (2001) Jane Lyle / Barnes and Noble
  • Cup of Fortune (1904) Nelros / Aynsley-Nelros
  • Cup of Fortune (1940s - 1950s) Unmarked / Unknown Maker / Japan
  • Cup of Fortune (1964) Red Rose
  • Cup of Knowledge (1) Alfred Meakin (Wembley and Royal Marigold / Liptons)
  • Cup of Knowledge (2) Aynsley (Wembley, Low Doris, and Oban)
  • Cup of Knowledge (3) Bridgwood (Wembley)
  • Cup of Knowledge (4) Booths (Wembley)
  • Cup of Knowledge (5) Fairylite Foreign
  • Cup of Knowledge (6) Jackson and Gosling / Ye Olde English (Wembley)
  • Cup of Knowledge (7) Japan
  • Cup of Knowledge (8) Made in in England / Unknown Maker (Wembley)
  • Cup of Knowledge (9) Unmarked / Unknown Maker / Japanese Manufacture
  • Dunedin Marked Cup of Knowledge (Wembley mould, Booths)
  • Fortune Teacup & Saucer (Ian Messiter / Poole)
  • Fortune Teller Duo / Fortune Teller Trio (Paragon)
  • Fortune Teller Cup and Saucer (Knobler)
  • Fortune Telling Tea Cup (Fortuna Cup Co.)
  • Good Luck Cup (Nelros / Nelros-Aynsley)
  • Gypsy Tea Cup (Bradley / Originality Plus)
  • Gypsy Teresa's Fortune Telling Cup
  • Ian Messiter Fortune Teacup & Saucer
  • Lipton's Cup of Knowledge / Royal Marigold Cup of Knowledge
  • Mystic Tea Cup / Marguerite Scott
  • Palmistry by Crown Ducal
  • Paragon Fortune Telling Duo / Paragon Fortune Telling Trio
  • Pedestal Footed Cups (Japanese)
  • Psychic Cup
  • Red Rose Cup of Fortune
  • Romany Cup of Fortune (!935) Creative Arts / Cavitt-Shaw
  • Romany Fortune Telling Cup (!935) Wilkinson
  • Royal Marigold Cup of Knowledge / Lipton's Cup of Knowledge
  • Swastika Royal Doulton
  • Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1975) Jon Anton
  • Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1980) Royal Kendal
  • Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1985) International Collector's Guild
  • Tasseography Cup / Old Tupton Ware
  • Tea Leaf Reading Kit / Treasures in a Teacup
  • Three-Legged Cups / Unmarked / Unknown Maker / Japanese
  • Treasures in a Teacup / Tea Leaf Reading Kit
  • Wembley Marked Cups of Knowledge (Wembley moulds, 6 British makers)
  • Wembley Unmarked Cups of Knowledge (Wembley moulds, 6 British makers)
  • The Wimsatt Cup
  • Unmarked / Unknown British Blue on Cream, 7 symbols on saucer
  • Zodiac Ardalt-Lenwile


  • British Empire Exhibition (Wembley) -- All Makers
  • Coronation Commemoratives -- All Makers
  • Dunedin Exhibition, New Zealand -- All Makers
  • Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial -- Anchor / Zancigs
  • Royal Visit Commemoratives -- All Makers
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